The Healthiest Breakfast On the Planet


The Standard American Diet has tricked us into believing it is normal to have heavy greasy foods the moment we wake up, such as bacon and eggs, toast and butter, sugary pastries, doughnuts, bagels, etc. However, once we begin to understand how the body operates, we see what a huge mistake this is. Our digestive system runs on a pattern and cycle just like the sun and moon do. Once we learn how to eat in rhythm, we unlock the key to having a super efficient digestive system and fast metabolism.

The word breakfast means to break our fast of the night. The healthiest way to break your fast in the morning is with herbal tea and tropical fruit. 5am-12 noon is when our body is in its highest cleansing mode so we must provide it with the proper tools to do so. Hot herbal teas such as elderberry, dandelion, sea moss, burdock or raspberry wake up your digestive system in the most efficient way. When we compliment our break fast with tropical fruits, we are cleansing the body on a deeper level. We recommend eating melons in the morning because they are extremely hydrating since they are predominantly water and are a quickly digested fruit. We then recommend you follow with sub acidic and acidic fruits such as papaya, berries, peach, pear, grapes and mangos for example followed by acidic fruits such as orange, lime, and pineapple for example. To break your fast in the most effective way, hit your body with herbal tea and then hydrate with melons then cleanse with healthy acids.

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