What Makes Us the #1 Vegan Meal Prep?

It is not only our mission to bring you health and convenience, but to be the only plant based meal prep who doesn't use processed vegan meat replacements and sauces. We pride ourselves on making our sauces from scratch using super foods and we turn fresh veggies/fruit, such as jackfruit, cauliflower, chickpeas, eggplant, mushrooms and hearts of palm into amazing meat replacements. 

We use amazing protein sources such as hemp, quinoa and lentils in our meals and we pack our meals with fiber and bright colors. 

We upgrade your eating habits in record time with the most flavorful and creative plant based meals. We will deliver your meals fresh right to your doorstep every week so you can stay disciplined and not fall prey to having to eat fast food, or processed fatty foods with the wrong portions. 

Our plans promote heart health, high energy levels, as well as reduce blood pressure, bloating, and risk of disease. Allow us to help you de-bloat, revitalize and feel happy about your body.

With Unveil, there is no prep, no mess, no stress! 

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